Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If I would have known.....

A few years ago I had a client  named Vera who was turning 100 years old.  Her daughter gave her a certificate for a manicure.  I was very surprised to hear that it was hear 1st one ever! She was so cute, during the massage  she said " Oh if I would have known how wonderful this would be I would have started having them 20 years ago!!"

Rose  another of my cute little ladies, came to get her hair fixed for her 100th Birthday. Of course I asked how she planned to spend her day.  She was celebrating by taking her first plane ride ever. We all stood outside as he plane passed over and waved.

Proof- That really we are never to old to try new things- We just have to be brave enough to do it!!

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  1. It makes me wonder what is on my "if I had only known" list??