Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Perms were all the rage.......

When I was about 14 we moved from the country into town.  Perms were all the rage.  I begged... I pleaded... so for my birthday I was sent off  for my first salon experience. 

 Nancy was to be my stylist.  She was pretty and looked very hip.  I was scheduled to have her full undivided attention for the next 2 hours.  I WAS THRILLED! 

 I pointed to a picture of a model in a magazine with large lovely curls. "This is it, This is exactly what I want!" I said. 

 After 3 hours of excruciating pain, burning sensations, and the most awful smell I had ever experienced I left looking much like our neighbors dog "Fifi" the French poodle.  SO NOT THE LOOK I WAS GOING FOR!!!  

"Never Again" I cried "Never".  Ya right, you forget, you go somewhere else 2 years later and oh wonderful, it happens again...... and again you vow never.....

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