Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Fly Tape Please..............

It was a lovely summer day, one of those kind that inspire you to try something you have never tried before. I went to the grocery store because pears were on sale just $4.99 a lug! Perfect to try out the process of canning. I grabbed the pears and a box of Kerr canning jars, paid and took them home. I set them on the table next to the Blue book of canning I'd found earlier. I was running late for work so I figured I would go to the basement later to bring up the canner and stockpots that would be needed for my big experiment.

When I came home for lunch I was greeted by a disgusting bunch of fruit flies hovering over my pears......YUCK!!!!

I proceeded to get out a fly tape and hung it in the big tree near the basement door in hopes to lure the flies away from the fruit. Now I should have hung it over the table above the pears, that would have been logical, but the idea of that grossed me out.

I went back to the salon to finish up my day and that evening when I returned home I rushed to the basement door .... FFFFTTT AAAAAHHHHH!! The fly tape had gotten stuck in my hair!

My very short hair that I was trying to grow out! I yanked out the tape, returned it to the tree then ran to the bathroom to shampoo my hair. Guess what happens when you try and wash the sticky glue out of your hair...... It turns it ROCK HARD!!!

Oh no was I going to have to shave my head?? Crying I picked up the phone and called the salon.

You have to understand that I had only graduated from Beauty School a few months before, this was my 1st job, and I worked at a shop run by 2 older barber guys ( Bob & Sid) and Bob's wife Donna. These guys were always full of jokes and fun stories and ... I was about to become one of them.

Bob answered, after listening to my story he was laughing so hard he had to give the phone to his wife Donna. I could hear him trying to catch his breath and give her directions. I heard her say " WHAT do you mean W-D-40?" Then calmly she said " Listen Dear, just spray some W-D-40 on your hair and it will get the glue out."

They were right, it worked. I slept with conditioner in my hair that night and felt much better.
(by the way it also works on duct tape, but that's another story)

The next day..... It happened again!!! This time I threw the fly tape in the garbage, ate the pears, and although I did learn to can it took me 8 years before I was willing to try again and thankfully a dear friend to taught me........ but I'll never ever can pears!


  1. Who would have guessed that it would have turned your hair hard? I have to say though...I don't blame you for not wanting to can pears. Fruit flies drive me nuts and gross me out too. Thanks for the smile!

  2. Yuckity, yuck, yuck...I love it!